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If you want the true supernatural power of God, if you want to have the true knowledge of God, come to Jesus. Surrender your life. And put your trust to Him.

Shalom, this is the testimony:

“My viewpoint was there’s one God, but he has many names, and many forms. So to me, Jesus was a god, Buddha was a god, Krishna was a god.”

As a Hindu, Eric Melwani grew up believing there are many paths to God. Born into a conservative family in India, he was deeply committed to his faith.

“I would offer the flowers to the Hindu gods in the shrine. Pray every day and do idol worship and have great respect for the Hindu gurus,” Eric recalls.
So I went to my room and just I felt as if God was prompting me to speak but I didn't want Him to speak. And so I was trying to keep Him down but I couldn't do it.

Shalom, this is his testimony:

Hi, my name is Rakesh Patel and I'm a civil engineering student at Texas A&M. Today I just like to take a little time and share my testimony with you how God brought me to Jesus Christ. It's a testimony of power, of love and His pursuit. It's not so much that people are pursuing God but it's God who pursues people, you know.

I grew up in East Texas. Jasper, Texas, to be more specific. It's a town of about 8,000 people. I grew up in a family who believes in Hinduism. Hinduism is polytheistic. They believe in many gods. They believe in reincarnation, in karma, things like that.
I've only heard vague stories about having been an agnostic and an atheist most of my life didn't even believe in heaven until I was there.

Shalom, this is her testimony:

Eighteen months ago I was blissfully agnostic, blissfully unaware of anything really happening around me in terms of spirit. And I was science writer. Did a lot of technical training worked at a small software company in Boulder Colorado doing scientific stuff.

And in January early January of 2014 I went out on a bike ride one Friday morning. And it was a beautiful day, sunny, 60 degrees, dry streets, found myself hit by a truck. And ended up up on the hood of the truck. And eventually the truck kept driving. And I was drugged underneath the truck for about 50 or so feet. Turns out that I ended up with a lot of severe injuries.

But during that time when I was struck by the truck, I noticed that my consciousness split off into two which was a really odd thing for somebody, who's a scientist. I never heard of anything like this before. And I was experiencing the accident both from underneath the truck in my body and somewhere outside myself out in front of the truck, watching everything unfold firm in front.
*** - "She explained that there's not a Purgatory and she showed in the Bible where it says. You know, I'm the way the truth in life, you know. It's there Jesus that we get to heaven."

Shalom, this is her testimony:

My name is Kim Levitan and my life before Christ. I was basically a know-it-all they didn't know anything. I'd have people approached me with their beliefs that was strictly out of the Bible. And I would go I'd fight them tooth and nail. And because they would say you know they knew they were on to heaven. And that bothered me because what I was taught is you don't know if you're going, you know, straight to heaven because there's a waiting place called purgatory, that you would have to attend first that we would have to pay for all of our sins, your credit. We would have to pay for all our sins. Totally taking everything that Jesus did for us on the cross way completely.
*****-"I refuse to pray or recite the Rosary which is supposed to be the epitome of the whole gospel because it is a sin based on Matthew 6:6. Jesus taught His disciples to pray to the Father and don't pray like pagans."

Shalom, this is the testimony:

Today I'd like to give you my personal testimony as a former Roman Catholic who found salvation through reading the Catholic Bible. I was raised in a Catholic home and indoctrinated into Catholicism through the Baltimore Catechism as a young boy. At one time because of the way I was taught I was convinced that only Roman Catholics who go to heaven. That Peter was the first pope that Jesus himself founded the Catholic Church at the communion wafer was changed by the priests into the body, blood, soul and divinity of Christ cetera. Obviously because of all that I intended on dying a Roman Catholic remember saying I would never leave the Catholic Church will die as a Catholic.
He used to mocking like this, "The monkeys who believed that God became a man.", etc ... and now "He changed me. He changed me to the point where I could not hide it. I could not put it away. I couldn't go on any longer. I had to announce to the world that Jesus was my Lord and my Savior."

Shalom, this is his tertimony:

I began in the name of The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit. Not too long ago, those words, those names, those titles would never have come out of my mouth. It would never have come out of my soul because I had a completely different spirit in principle that worked inside of me than I do today. At one time not too long ago I hated the gospel of Jesus Christ. I despised the gospel. I felt the gospel with not just foolishness. I was saying the gospel was stupid. It was untrue. It was not real and it could not save anyone.
I blaspheme the Lord Jesus Christ, but in my blaspheming Jesus Christ I thought I was doing God a favor. I thought I was doing the work of the Lord. I thought I was on the Lord's side. I thought I was on God's team by blaspheming Jesus Christ and by denying the cross of Jesus Christ. See I used to pray, there's a Muslim five times a day and answer the call to prayer I said well,
Eisegesis is another term for it when you read something into the text that simply is not there. This is not something that we're supposed to do when we're reading a text. We're supposed to be honest. We're supposed to come forward and read what is actually being said and translated appropriately.

Shalom, this is Nabeel's explanation:

Hello everyone and welcome to Act Apologetics first youtube video. Aside from the debates stasus. What we've decided to do is to respond to questions that people have been sending us via email. And instead of actually responding them individually, we're going to respond to them by actually posting videos online.

This is going to be supplementary to the text blogs that we already do on Answering_Muslims_dot_com. So recently I had a debate with a some of the along the question of is the Quran miraculous. In that debate I brought up the concept of scientific miracles. What most Muslims argue when they use the argument from scientific miracles is that the Quran is so miraculous in its scientific statements that it must have been from God for no man from the seventh century could have known these things. Well, I have to investigate these claims and the first thing I look at is statements which do not seem to be miraculously accurate in fact seem to be inaccurate and miraculous only in the sense that someone who actually believed it.
She told her brothers and sisters about Jesus and many of them became Christians too. Eventually she couldn't hide her faith. She told her father she had become a Christian.

"I'm no more your father. It kind of a bad feeling but then when I looked at what I have in Jesus Christ and having the support of my other brothers and sisters. I knew it's going to be okay because it's not all about my father. It's about being safe and standing firm in your faith."

Shalom, this is her testimony:

Hephzibah Agai:
"When I was a kid sometimes you go out playing and then you forget it it's time for the prayers."

Hephzibah Agai was the daughter of a strict Muslim Imam.
Now Rehaa was the wife of one of the tribesmen. She watched her husband beheaded right in front of her and then the man who ordered the beheading took her to his tent and raped her.

Shalom, this is her testimony:

Hello everyone it's your favorite friendly neighborhood, infidel Dom Azarel. Yes i'm banned on one account but that's not the reason why I'm making this video. I recently received an email from a distressed gentleman who was a concerned with my categorical perspective of Islam. And so since nobody has ever disagreed with me before on anything I have to say about Islam then I had to address it by video.

And if he didn't catch the sarcasm in that and this is going to be a really long video. But um so I wanted to address a couple of things. I don't have an interpretation of Islam. It doesn't matter if I did. Moderate Muslims interpretation doesn't matter, your interpretation doesn't matter. The historians, the researchers, the scholars, Isis, it doesn't matter what interpretation of Islam they have. There's only one person in the history of the world whose interpretation matters and that is Muhammad.
"I had a vision there in jail about Jesus Christ ... and He appeared to me as real as you are. And finally I spoke ... I said, 'Well what do you want ?' And He says, 'you.' Yeah I said, 'You can't want someone like me. I've done creepy these things all these people, ..."

Shalom, this is the story:

Ron Zaucha:
"Well in a nutshell you lose your freedom. It affects your entire life, your entire being, your entire perspective."

Behind the bars of this California state prison, Ron Zaucha thought hope was lost forever. But today 20 years later he stands here as a free man in more ways than one. Ron was your all-american California boy, by all appearances his life looked normal but behind closed doors life was anything but.